Camping wouldn’t be the same without cooking over an open fire. And that’s how we do it at Elements—we just do it better. Your stay includes delicious prepared meals delivered to your campsite, ready to cook over your private fire pit.
Cuisine features Canadian, gluten-free, vegan and First Nation’s traditional recipes.

What You Can Expect

Upon arrival you will be presented with a choice of cheese platter or dietary alternative by our wilderness butler. Once settled into your accommodation simply consult your campfire cookbook and, using your order card, check off the meals, picnic lunches or late night snacks you’d like and when your preferred delivery time. Rangers are often circling the park, and will collect orders, or radio your wilderness butler for collection.

Dietary restrictions? We boast a menu that is inclusive of Celiac and Vegan friendly options. Should you have other restrictions, rest assured that our kitchen is allergy safe and ready to meet your needs; just let us know in advance so that we can consult with the holistic nutritionist.

Prior to a meal, the Park Ranger will pre-light a fire. At your requested time, our wilderness butlers will deliver everything to you, including: utensils, firewood, cast iron, dishes and the washed, prepared and portioned food. All that is required of you is to settle in for a one-of-a-kind campfire experience. Should you need a demo of cooking methods, just ask! We are happy to help.

**We advise that no food is kept in your tent overnight—despite what the wildlife may want!